Why Are the Best Countries to Retire To?

Best countries to retire

What do you dream of doing once you retire? While some people plan on working on their garden or taking it easy at home, there are others who want to try life in a foreign country.

After decades of working hard every day, the retirement years can be the ideal opportunity to try something completely different with your life. So what about moving to one of the best cities to retire to in a fantastic foreign land?

Best Countries to Retire to - Ecuador

This fascinating Andean country has a lot going for it. For a start, it is incredibly diverse despite not being especially big. You can easily move from the beach to the jungle and to the snow capped Andes in little time, although I would advise against walking all the way there.

It isn't the cheapest place to retire to in Latin America but it is a lot less expensive than the likes of Europe and North America. The capital of Quito is interesting but currently many ex pats are checking out the colonial delights of smaller cities like Cotacachi.

A big plus factor for anyone considering retiring to Ecuador is that it has an excellent health care system in place.

Add a growing ex pat population and welcoming locals for a place where you could enjoy a great retirement. This video will show you more.

The Best Cities to Retire to in Spain

This European country has traditionally been a retirement haven for the British, Germans and other North Europeans.

As a modern European country you will find it easy to be comfortable in Spain, although that fact also makes it one of the most expensive countries we will look at here.

One of the best things about Spain is obviously its gloriously sunny climate but that's not all. There is also the long coastline, amazing food, welcoming people and Enrique Iglesias. Ok maybe not Enrique but you can't deny the rest.

Many of the best coastal resorts are packed with foreign residents, from the Canary Islands and Mallorca to Benidorm and more. This video shows you some of the places to think about.

The Best Places to Retire in the US

Have you ever been tempted to move to the US? Maybe you have wondered what the best places to retire in the US are.

This is a huge and varied country so buying a mobile home and living an RV retirement could be perfect for you. Try cruising down Route 66 eating a fine burger and then try saying that retired life isn't great.

It isn't as cheap here as farther south in Latin America but you can get cheap fuel for your car and a fine lifestyle.

The best places to retire in the US simply come down to whether you want a bustling city or a quieter life out in the country. Maybe you will be drawn to New York or will be attracted to the open spaces of Texas or the tropical paradise of Hawaii.

This video talks about how to retire with an RV if that sounds good to you.

Best Countries to Retire to - Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a classic retirement destination, especially for North Americans. The magnificent climate and laid back style of living could be just the way to relax after your working years are over.

This is one of the planet's greenest and most forward thinking countries. Heck, it doesn't even have an army. Crime rates are lower than you might think and there are wonderful places like the many national parks and the golden beaches where those cute turtles hatch.

Get more information and advice on this video.

About the Cheapest Place to Retire to -Thailand

If you want an exotic and action retirement then you can't go far wrong with the gorgeous land of Thailand.

From the sprawling capital of Bangkok to idyllic beach towns, this is a country you can really feel at home in after a while. It is also just about the cheapest place to retire to and a whole lot of fun to live in.

Here is a final video covering the subject for you.

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