Which Countries Will Give You the Best of South America?

places in south america

There are few more exciting places in the world to explore than the vast and varied South America region. What countries could you choose to go to in order to see the best of South America?

The truth is that this continent is stuffed to bursting with fabulous attraction and natural wonders. However, if you are short on time or money then choosing any of the following destinations is going to lead to an unforgettable trip.

The Best Places in South America: Peru

Peru is one of the most popular places in South America due to the fact that you can see Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, the Nazca lines and some other amazing places all in the same country. This video shows you what you will see here.

There is even a classic route round this country for people backpacking South America that is known as the Gringo Trail. This guarantees you some unbelievable sights, some other backpackers for company and all the Inca Kola that a human body can safely handle.

It makes sense for a lot of travellers to make Cusco and Machu Picchu the main focus of your trip and build everything else around it. This place is so good then even historical documentaries made about it are blooming interesting.

Backpacking South America: Brazil

Is there a more spectacular and inviting country than Brazil for the bold traveller with a bit of samba rhythm in their veins, adventure on their minds and the travel bug in their, err, wherever this bug resides?

This is the 5th biggest country in the world, so it needs a fair bit of the planning to get any trip there just right.

The north of Brazil is fantastic but the Southern region is more accessible and packed with treasures. The waterfalls at Iguacu, Sao Paolo, Florianopolis and, of course Rio de Janeiro, are all outstanding destinations. This next video shows us some of the top places to visit.

You can laze on beautiful beaches, enjoy the wonders of nature, try some caipirinha at mid-day and generally live life as it is meant to be lived.

Actually, I´m not sure that drinking caipirinha at mid-day is really an advisable way to live your life but you get the point.

Top Places in South America: Bolivia

Bolivia might not be the most popular stop for travellers backpacking South America but it is undoubtedly one of the planet's most interesting countries.

The size of the place, the altitude and poor (in places) roads mean that getting around isn't always easy.

However, if you make the effort you will get treated to the world's biggest salt plain, one side of Lake Titicaca and Potosi, which was once one of the world's richest and most important cities. This video shows us more about the amazing Potosi.

As for La Paz, any time spent in this colourful, chaotic and crazy city is going to be unforgettable.

The Best of South America: Ecuador

The biggest advantage Ecuador has is that it crams a huge amount of diversity into a relatively small area. Mountains, rainforest, beaches and fascinating cities are all part of the deal here.

The capital is Quito and it is a great place to get started, to see the centre of the world and to take some Spanish lessons.

Next up, Otavalo has one of the continent's finest indigenous craft markets and Baños has outstanding natural spring water resorts. This video gives us a nice summary of the country.

The feeling here is more laid back in some other places in South America but that doesn't make it any less exciting.

Amazing and Cheap Places to Travel: Argentina

For many tourists Argentina offers the very best of South America. It is another giant country, this time the 8th biggest on Earth.

Taking such a big land mass into account it is no surprise to find that there is lot to do here. In fact, you could spend years here without seeing it all.

From the cosmopolitan delights of Buenos Aires to the world’s most southerly city in Ushuaia and laid back Salta in the North, this country packs in a lot of wonderful sights, great food and friendly people. You can use this last video to get an overview of wonderful Argentina.

The recent economic problems mean that it is also among the best cheap places to travel anywhere, so make the most of it and enjoy some top hotels, great local wine and the world's best beef even if you travel on a budget.

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