Where is the Cheapest Place to Travel to?


Finding cheap places to travel to can help you see the world without being rich. Sure it would be great to travel anywhere you want in private jets and bathe in champagne and stuff.

However, what if your meager budget mean that you can only afford to fly budget class and bathe in, err, water?

Sure, you can still travel the world if you are smart.

Cheap Places to Travel – Start By Staying Local

If you are looking for the cheapest place to travel to then start looking close to home first of all. It might not seem all that exciting at first but it is a fantastic way to get started on a budget.

You could look up your home on Google Maps and then see what interesting places are within an hour or two of travelling. Unless you are currently shipwrecked on a tiny desert island or stranded and delirious in the middle of the Sahara Desert you are sure to find something worth seeing.

This sort of short and sweet trip can serve a number of purposes. As well as giving you a chance to check out exciting places near your home, it can help you get used to travelling on a small budget.

Once you have explored the area near your home you should feel more confident about striking out to see the rest of the big world. This YouTube guide to Google Maps could get you started.

Cheap Places to Go on Vacation

You probably already know that there are some places to go on vacation that are really expensive and others that are incredibly cheap.

For example, you aren’t going to spend the same amount in a week in New York as you would in Ulan Bator. Well, unless you buy yourself a herd of sheep while you are there. There are relatively cheap places to travel in the US and Europe but it is generally a lot more expensive to stay in these destinations.

If you want to spend little while you are away, look online for a list of cheap places to travel to. South East Asia, Latin America and Africa are among the destinations where you can have a lot of fun for little money. Here are some of the cheapest places to travel to just now.

Of course, if Bangkok, Casablanca and La Paz aren’t exactly on your doorstep then you will need to find a way of getting there that isn’t too expensive.

Cheap Times to Get Away

Another idea is to choose to go somewhere in the low season. Don’t worry though; that doesn’t have to mean shivering on the beach in winter or sadly slipping over melting snow at a deserted ski resort in summer.

Some places are just as brilliant to visit in the low season but they are a lot cheaper. This could mean that you get a bargain hotel price as well as avoiding the big crowds of other tourists.

Just check out when the low season is at the places you want to see. You might be surprised as how cheap it is to travel there when few others plan to do the same. This video shows you an idea of low cost winter trips.

Cheap Places to Travel at the Last Minute

Another classic way to get away on the cheap is to find a last minute deal. These can give you a ridiculously low price for an unforgettable trip.

All this involves is looking online for places to go on vacation in the days before you want to travel. You may not have a lot of choices of places to go to in this way but it could mean discovering exciting new places you might not otherwise have travelled to.

The final video covers how to get a last minute bargain break.

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