What Is the Cheapest Way to Travel Europe?

Europe Rail Pass

If you want to experience the pleasure of the world's greatest cities while spending less money than Scrooge McDuck at a charity ball then backpacking through Europe is your best bet.

So, how will you afford to get around this marvellous continent while living on a shoestring without dying of malnutrition or being forced to eat your own smelly socks to stay alive? The good news is that it is a relatively compact continent with a number of different ways of getting around. So what is the cheapest way to travel Europe?

Rail – Get a Europe Rail Pass

Visitors to Europe are often impressed by the scope and quality of the rail network in the continent. This YouTube video covers the basic you need to know.

It is possible to travel just about anywhere by train, while there are some spectacular routes through amazing scenery too. This next video shows just how amazing train travel here can be.

The big issue you will find here is the cost varied widely from one country to another if you book at the last minute. It is also difficult to find deals online when you are short of time. Instead, you should look to book ahead with a Europe rail pass to make the most of your budget.

Car – Find Some Road Trip Ideas

The size of Europe and the excellent roads in it mean that it is a fine place to investigate some road trip ideas. This is an independent way of travelling and can be good value if you find a cheap vehicle to hire or even buy. This video gives you an idea of how to do it.

It can make most sense if you are travelling with a group and can split the costs. If you get a camper van then it can also double as your accommodation to help you save more cash, while camping grounds are also easy to find here.

There are some negative points to bear in mind as well. For a start, fuel prices can be incredibly expensive in Europe when compared to other parts of the world, and the hire cost itself could be higher than you are willing to pay.

It can also be difficult to switch from driving to one in one country to doing it another, as road signs, language and driving customs all change.

In terms of rash and sweeping generalisations, the North of Europe is usually seen as being a calmer and more controlled place to get behind the wheel, with politer and more patient drivers then in the Mediterranean region.

You can find some great road trip ideas for Europe, from chasing the Northern Lights to exploring the French wineries and travelling through the Alps. Maybe this video will get you in the mood.

Car - Backpacking through Europe

Bus journeys are often incredibly good value and may very well be the cheapest way to travel Europe in your case.

As with the Europe rail pass idea, part of the secret lies in booking in advance. The UK is a particularly good place to travel by bus, as you can often pick up tickets for next to nothing if you book ahead.

The relatively short distance to get from city to city in Europe means that you are unlikely to go on long, boring trips too often. Check out this video to find out more.

Plane – Backpacking Through Europe in Style

You might think of air travel as being one of the most expensive ways of getting around but it can be cheaper than you think.

A number of low cost, budget airlines operate here and charge ridiculously low fares. One issue to bear in mind is that they often fly in and out of airports outside of the main cities, so you might need to pay out a bit more to get to your final destination.

Having said that, the comfort and speed of air travel makes it something well worth considering, even if you are on a tight budget.

The final YouTube video shows some of the places you can fly to cheaply in Europe.

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