What Is Retirement Likely to Mean for You?


So, you work for decades and then you reach the age of retirement. Now what? You ain’t going to just sit back and let the cobwebs grow around you, are you?

The type of retirement you can have comes down to personal taste but it also comes down to how much cash you have managed to save. So which of the following do you most like the sound of?

A Mobile Retirement Living in an RV

A campervan or RV retirement sounds like a fantastic way to live out your golden years, doesn’t it? Can you imagine waking up early, err at midday, and then deciding whether to spend that day where you are or hitting the road?

This is the kind of giddy excitement that you might not expect to have at this stage of life but wouldn’t it fantastic? Indeed it would.

If you like the idea of living in an RV when retired then the first thing you need is, well, an RV probably. If you have a house to sell with some equity in it then you should be able to afford a decent campervan.

Living this kind of retirement isn’t free, of course. Jeez, if it was then most of us would all be rolling along in our campervans and laughing at the suckers who still had to work for a living and pay for stuff.

In fact, living in an RV can be cheaper or more expensive than living in a house, depending upon – shock – what you do.

This means that it is probably one of the more affordable retirement ideas, as long as you don’t plan to take a luxury campervan round the whole world with you.

This video talks about the cost of this kind of retirement.

What is the Retirement Age for You to Aim for on an Early Retirement

Does the thought of carrying on working until the age of retirement turn your knees to jelly and cause your brain freezer over?

So, how about the idea of a delicious early retirement? What is the age of retirement you want anyway? Could you handle a life of life from your early 50s onwards?

If you think that this sounds like a good way to live then, hell, you are right. However, you will need some cash to fund that lifestyle. In fact, you will need lots and lots of it.

With people now having the rather pleasant habit of living longer than ever before, retirements are getting longer. If you retire at 50-something you could even en up retired for longer than you worked. Isn’t that a weird and satisfying thought?

You need to make the right investments to fund this marathon retirement so that you don’t run out money part of the way through

Check out this YouTube video for ideas on things to do once retired.

An Active Retirement – What Is Retirement All About for You?

Will you choose to look out your most comfortable slippers or your walking boots when you retire?

The good news is that you can use both, although you don’t want to get confused between them and end up walking up Kilimanjaro with a pair of fluffy pandas on your feet.

If you want to live actively what is the retirement age that best suits you? Probably the earlier the better.

Of course, you will need some bread to spend as well. Not actual baked goods but money. That was just a cool way of saying it. At least it was cool In the 1970s.

Find some active retirement ideas on this video.

What Is Retirement Abroad Like?

What about upping sticks and living abroad when you retire? This got to be really exciting and it could be cheap too.

If you have a pension from somewhere the US, the UK or Australia then you could retire inexpensively in Latin America or Asia, for example.

You will have setting up costs involved in moving abroad but it could turn out to be the best idea you ever have.

The final video covers some of the best places in the world to retire to.

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