What Is an Allergy and How to Reduce Them in Your Home

what is an allergy

One of the most worrying issues for many families these days is around conditions such as asthma and allergy reactions.

These can be extremely damaging to your family´s health and can be a lot harder to avoid than you might think?

What Is an Allergy Anyway?

Before we look at how to reduce the risk of asthma and allergy conditions, we need to see what is an allergy in the first place.

Basically, it is the reaction of the body´s immune system to a substance that would normally be harmless. This could be pollen, certain foods or even the dust in your house.

Heck, there are even people that are allergic to water, sunlight and the whole Kardashian family. This video shows us the basics. Spoiler alert; there are few if any Kardashians in it.

There are so many different substances that could cause an allergic reaction that it can difficult to know what the real cause is. So let´s go round the house and see what a couple of the possible dangers are.

Pet Allergy Symptoms

There are a surprising number of people who are allergic to cats, dogs and other household pets.

This can be due to their hair, their skin or – yuck – their urine or saliva. It can be difficult to spot pet allergy symptoms, as they are quite similar to other conditions.

A runny nose, sneezing and coughing are among the most common reactions in people who are allergic to cats and other pets.

If the reaction is severe then you might need to call a doctor but how do you avoid pet allergy symptoms coming back in the future?

Getting rid of the pet that causes the problem is clearly the easiest move, but what if you simply can´t bear to imagine life without Fido or Tiddles by your side? After all, it´s not their fault that you are allergic to them.

If you do change pets then you might find that a different breed is better for you. For example, you might find that a shorter haired cat or dog causes you no problems at all.

One other solution could be in keeping your home clearer of hair and dead skin cells by cleaning it more regularly and more thoroughly. Remember that even if the place looks clean there might still be nasty stuff (that´s the technical term, by the way) lurking around.

This YouTube video shows how to deal with cat allergies.

Meanwhile, dog lovers can try this one.

What Is an Allergy Related to Dust at Home?

You might have heard before that dust can be related to asthma and allergy at home. How can this be and what can you do about it?

The truth is that the dust in itself isn´t a problem but the pesky dust mites are. They tiny little devils are only about a quarter of millimetre long but can cause a lot of misery.

In fact, if the idea of having million of tiny mites in your home wasn´t icky enough then even worse is the fact that it is their –ahem – droppings that cause most problems.

This is a very common type of allergy and it is very hard to control. Using anti allergy bedding is one good move but you will also want to clean the house as well as you can, particularly in the most humid or dusty parts.

This final video gives a few good tips for keeping dust mites away from you and your family.

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