What Are the Causes of Lower Back Pain And Is There A Cure?

Lower back pain

If you are currently wincing while you read this then I’m guessing that it’s because of a sore back, as I haven’t even cracked any awful puns yet.

A sore back is no laughing matter but before you even think about curing back pain you really need to understand what are the causes of lower back pain in the first place.

What Are the Causes of Lower Back Pain - An Injury?

If you have suffered any sort of an injury in recent times then that could be the cause of sore back muscles right there.

You might think that you would remember any sort of accident that could have left you in such pain. After all, we don’t tend to forget about being involved in multiple car crashes or being trampled by a herd of runaway elephants.

However, even an apparently innocuous little accident like slipping on a wet floor or bumping into a door frame could cause you pain in your back. It might only be a short term issue but it could also drag on for longer if you are unlucky.

Lifting Heavy Things Badly Will Cause Lower Back Pain

If you are going to lift heavy things then you need to do it right. The absolute best way to do it without hurting your back is to find someone gullible to do it for you.

Failing that, be sure to find out how to lift properly before you get started. It’s not really difficult to do and is a whole lot better than being laid up in bed for days saying “ouch!” a lot.

You need to use your legs rather than bending your back while lifting something heavy or twisting your back while carrying it.

Can Smoking Give You Lower Back Pain?

Smoking causes back pain

Smoking is one of those things that just seem to bring nothing but bad news to your life. It’s expensive, it makes your breath smell bad and your moustache turns a funny color. Oh yeah, it’ll kill you too.

Having said all of that, can smoking really be a cause of lower back pain? It doesn’t seem like an obvious connection, unless you buy really huge packets of cigarettes and lift them up with poor technique.

However, a recent study by the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine found that smokers are three times as likely to suffer from chronic back pain than non-smokers!

The Way You Move Can Be A Cause Of Lower Back Pain

Break dance to a bad back

The way you move may contribute to your risk of getting a sore back. This doesn’t have to mean that you moonwalk all day long or breakdance between rooms every time you go to the bathroom.

Simply put, some people have problems such as the condition known as intervertebral disc degeneration. This sort of condition can cause you sore back muscles even when you can’t see that you are doing anything wrong.

There are a number of other medical conditions that can be inherited or that can build up over time and these are among the things that could be causing you a lot of discomfort.

So how can you go about curing back pain?

If you want that back pain to disappear for good then maybe it is time to discover the secret at Back Relief 4 Life.

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