What Are the Best Jobs That Involve Travel?


Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to travel the world with one of the best jobs that involve travel? In fact, wouldn’t it be even better if you got paid for doing nothing but travelling?

The chances of finding a mystery benefactor to give you unlimited cash while you wander the Earth are fairly limited, although I would advise against writing it off altogether. So what are the best travel jobs for letting you see the world while earning some lovely cash?

Best Travel Jobs – Flight Crew Member

Working as an air steward or air stewardess used to seen as one of the world’s most glamorous jobs where you can travel. It must have been fun flying to a bar in far Bombay with Sinatra and serving triple bacon and banana burgers to Elvis but has the flight crew job lost its appeal since then?

It may no longer be such a glamorous job and it might involve few if any bacon and banana burgers these days.

However, it is still the sort of job that lets you fly. A lot. Like really a lot. All the time, really.

In fact, one of the main problems could be that a career in travel like this could mean more time in airports and on planes then actually exploring places. Having said that, it is one of the best ways of getting out and about while working.

This YouTube video shows you how it is possible to become an air steward or stewardess.

Jobs That Involve Travel – English Teacher

Could you teach English to foreign students in different countries? If you could then this is one of the best and most exciting jobs where you can travel.

It is also a fine way to interact with locals and find out about the local culture, through speaking to your student and other teachers.

On the negative side, this sort of job can involve taking several classes a day to make ends meet. However, being based in a foreign city can give you the chance to do a lot of travelling on you days off.

Check out this video for some tips and advice.

A Career in Travel – Blog Writer

Hey, maybe you could write a blog while you travel. You could even write this blog while you travel about – gasp – travelling while writing a blog.

You might think that you have nothing to write about but once you start travelling you will have. Getting out and about in foreign lands guarantees that you have weird and interesting things happen to you, even if it just getting served a strange meal or getting lost on the way to the bathroom. To be fair, those things happen to some of us while we are at home as well.

You could also write about anything else that interest you while you travel the world. Try setting up a new blog before you travel and make sure that it starts to earn you money before you head off. This video will help you get started.

Jobs Where You Can Travel – Bar Worker / Waitress / Hotel Worker

There are some jobs that are available just about everywhere in the world and that you don’t need a lot of experience to do. In fact, you don’t even need to speak the language very well.

If you are happy turning up to a new place and looking for bar, restaurant or hotel work then this can give you a huge amount of flexibility.

You might want to do some research on the local job market in each place you plan to go to. However, in big cities and busy tourist resorts you should find that there are jobs like this available.

Check out this final video if you want some tips on getting started.

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