Choose The Right Wedding Vows

One of the most important parts of your wedding is the actual vows that you exchange with your partner. Yet it is still often left till the last minute and given little thought. Some people use traditional vows of their religious institution. Others prefer to write the entire vow themselves. Many couples these days choose to land somewhere in between.

Traditional vows give a wedding ceremony a feeling of being just that: a ceremony. It seems like something that has taken place for generations and will continue to be woven through the fabric of our society for generations to come. “With this ring, I thee wed” brings an automatic emotional response to the participants, whereas more modern, and probably original, phrases may not. But should they?

Given the nature of modern relationships, traditional vows may rather miss the mark on what today’s partners are willing to swear to. This is beyond asking whether we want to ‘obey’ our partner.

There has been a recent viral video of the entire wedding party dancing down the isle. Wedding parties choreographing a dance at a reception are now becoming commonplace. The ceremony of the modern wedding is becoming less ceremonial.

A marriage today has to bend, flex and roll with the times. It has to or it fails. Life changes quickly and people have to respond to it. A modern wedding, complete with its vows, reflects that.

Do what you and your partner enjoy and do not be confined to what was done fifty years ago. We can draw from that for inspiration for a perfect wedding vow. In the end we need to have a vow reflecting the life we are about to start.

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