Your Wedding Music Checklist

There are so many different choices to make for your wedding. There’s flowers, catering, invitations, venues, etc. The music is one of the most important because of the mood that you want to set for your important day.

You should consider compiling a wedding music checklist.

There are various types of music that you need during the course of the wedding. First there’s the ceremonial walk down the aisle. There are many choices to consider here. I suggest something classical. I personally like Handel’s Water Music. Many people just go with the traditional, “Here Comes the Bride”. Also, the exit music needs to be upbeat and yet sophisticated.

At the reception, there has to be music while people mingle and eat. This needs to be background music, nothing that sticks out or is offensive. The music should help to encourage a joyous mood while not loud or overbearing. Some soft rock or low-key contemporary music would be good.

Also, there should be dance music. You can get a band for this or a DJ to get the party started. The type of music here would depend on the crowd. There should be popular music for the younger participants. But it should also have music for the more mature so that everyone can participate in dancing and having fun. That’s why it might be better, not only the budget, but for the comprehensive type of music that you want to have, to get a DJ. This way you have a wider choice of music.

In the end, you have to choose the musician or musicians.

I suggest just going with a band that can do it all or one piano player or guitarist at the beginning and a DJ for the dance music. This would all depend on your budget and what your tastes are.

Make a wedding music checklist and try to include the points I suggest here. This takes the hassle of last minute choosing.

Have a great wedding. And congratulations!


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