Types of coffee machines – what is best?

how to make espresso

If you love coffee but don´t know how to make a coffee at home then you probably spend a lot of money buying from your local coffee outlets.

However, if you learn how to make coffee with a coffee maker then you can save a lot of money as well as get a lot of extra pleasure from your daily caffeine boost.

You might even feel good about stopping the relentless spread of faceless, soul-less global franchises. So what type of machine should you start to use from now on?

How to Make a Coffee That Is Nice and Simple

Maybe what you like most of all are the simple pleasures in life. A Sunday morning in bed with the television on, a stroll in the park and a simple cup of straightforward coffee.

Heck, you might even get a kick out of switching off your phone and just sitting down in a dark room and thinking about stuff now and then.

In that case, you will be happy with the sort of nice and simple coffee maker that does the easy stuff well. If you would be then you will want to know how to make coffee with a coffee maker that just does the basics well.

Among these, you will find the automatic drip machines are incredibly easy to use. Just put in some water, some coffee and sit back to wait on a cup of coffee. This video shows some of the best ones.

This kind of machine is good at making a basic cup of coffee and you should be able to get a decent quality one without spending too much on it.

If you want an even more authentic taste then you can get a coffee maker that lets you grind the beans and then brew the coffee for you.

This will be a bit more expensive and making a cup of coffee will be more time-consuming but if you are a coffee connoisseur then the enhanced taste will be worth the effort. This video shows you some of the top options.

How to Make Espresso at Home

Ah, but what if you want to add a touch of startlingly daring boldness to the start of your day? You don´t need to sing the full songlist from Frozen on the train or go to work with one of Miley Cyrus´ old outfits on to do this.

Instead, you can start off the morning with a delicious cup of freshly made espresso. Ok, so what is espresso and why would you want it in your life? More importantly, how would you make it? Even more importantly, is there is a machine that will do it for you?

That´s a lot of questions so let´s start with “what is espresso?” This is a powerful single shot of coffee that will get you in the mood for a new day in no time. Here is a video explaining the difference between coffee and espresso.

You really need a good machine if you want to learn how to make espresso at home, as it needs to be forced out at high pressure.

There is a big variety of espresso machines around, from expensive professional ones to simple and low cost models. people are happy enough with a low priced one but if you are a keen espresso drinker you might want to splash out a bit more.

The following YouTube Video gives some tips on choosing the best model.

How to Make a Coffee Using Capsules or Pods

Possibly the simplest and quickest way to get a steaming hot coffee in the morning is by using one on the modern, trendy machines that use capsules or pods.

They offer a number of advantages, from a sleek look to the option of using differently flavoured pods for more variety.

Some coffee enthusiasts think that this is kind of cheating, while others are less than impressed by the quality offered by these cool machines.

However, if like the idea of adding a smart appliance to your kitchen and getting a lot of variety in your coffee then it is well worth considering. The final video compares some of the most popular machines of this kind.

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