Travel Packing Tips for More Enjoyable Trips


Taking away the right stuff is one of the most important aspects of traveling.

Sure, it isn’t as important as taking thousands of identical selfies and getting hopelessly lost 10 metres from you hotel, but the right travel packing list can make a big difference to your overall trip.

Choosing the Clothes for Your Travel Packing Checklist

Are you one of those people who pack 500 different items of clothing for a weekend break? If you are then maybe it is time to stop cramming your entire wardrobe into your suitcase.

The first step to getting the right clothes on your packing list for travel is to see what the weather is like in your destination.

If the place is currently under a giant pile of snow then you can safely leave those shorts and skimpy t-shirts at home. Well, unless you are planning to take part in the local Snow-Induced Hypothermia Olympics.

A smart move is to pick neutral coloured garments that all work well together, so that you can mix and match them in a variety of combinations. This YouTube video gives good advice on packing the right clothes to go on a camping trip.

If you are going on a cruise trip then this video could help you out.

Remember that in most places it is good fun to buy clothes while you are there. This means that it can make sense to pack light and do some shopping over there.

Travel Packing Tips – Packing the Clothes

Arrgh, is there anything more frustrating in the history of mankind, the Earth and the universe in general than trying to pack clothes?

I am pretty sure that even Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa of Calcutta and blooming Buddha himself would have exploded in rage when trying to find to cram in that extra pair of jeans.

Scientists with large clipboards have proven that rolling up your clothes is the best ways to cram in more. This will also avoid them looking as though a herd of rampaging elephants have had a break dancing party on top of them.

You may need to take out the clothes a few times and re-arrange them but you should eventually find a way of getting them in. Check this video for more instructions and travel packing tips on this.

If there simply isn’t enough room then you need either a bigger suitcase or fewer clothes on your travel packing list.

Or maybe both of these things.

Do You Need Towels on Your Travel Packing List

Is there life on Mars? What really happened to Atlantis? Should you add a towel on your travel packing checklist?

These are some of the greatest unsolved mysteries ever to worry the minds of geniuses.

Well, the answers to them are; maybe, don’t know and maybe. Ok, so it’s maybe not as conclusive as you had hoped for but it’s a start.

If we focus just on the towels for a minute, whether or not you need one really comes down to, uh, whether or not you need one.

If you are going to be staying in a hotel that is reasonably decent you are sure to find a fresh towel waiting for you. Even crummy hotels often have towels, although there is a chance that they will be crummy.

You might need to take one if you are going to stay in a hostel, in which case a travel towel will save you some space.

In that case, have a look at this review if you like.

Packing List for Travel Including Toiletries?

As with those towels, you probably don’t need to take away shampoo or soap with you. This is because most hotels will leave these in your bathroom.

Pro tip alert; if you are staying in a decent standard of hotel you might be able to get hold of some other, complimentary toiletries just by asking. Toothbrushes, toothpaste and other products might be available if you just ask nicely.

This final video shows how some people stockpile these things during a trip.

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