The Top 10 DVDs for a Night In


If you want some great entertainment at home then you can’t do much better than looking at the top 10 DVDs around.

No matter what kind of movie you want, you are sure to find something on this list of the classics and best new DVDs.

Top 10 DVDs – Titanic

One of the most popular movies of all time, Titanic was the first DVD to ever sell a million copies and lots of people still look for it these days. If you want a classic tale of adventure, romance and tragedy then you don’t need to look much further.

Best New DVDs – Frozen

The best-selling DVD of 2014, Frozen sold over 3 million copies on the day it was released. It is rated by Amazon as their top-selling children’s DVD ever. While it might seem to be aimed at kids, Frozen offer fun for the whole family when you plan a night in. You don’t even need to be embarrassed about singing “Let It Go” at work the next day.

This is just one of the great new DV movies from 2014 to check out.

Top Movie on DVD – Pirates of the Caribbean

This movie featuring Johnny Depp is another of the top 10 DVDs in terms of sales. The original 2003 movie (The Curse of the Black Pearl) remains high on the list of the top sellers of all time. Entertainment and laughs are guaranteed with this movie. And a few items of headgear as well.

Top 10 DVDs – The Dark Knight

This 2008 Batman release has proved to be a winner with home movie fans. It broke the record for most number of DVDs sold on the day of release, with more than 3 million flying off the shelves. This is a thrilling movie on DVD with a lot of action and some terrific effects.

Best DVDs – The Lord of the Rings

If you want epic, sweeping adventures then The Lord of the Rings is likely to be high on your list of movies on DV to check out. The Lord of the Rings series offers some excellent adventures for a great night in.

Classic DVDs – Gladiator

Russell Crowe leads the cast in the moving and action-packed tale of the Roman general who becomes a gladiator. It was massively popular in movie theatres and has proved to be a big success on DVD too. Except some interesting extras on your DVD to keep you watching even when the main feature ends. The sequel about a time travelling reincarnated Crowe was, thankfully, shelved.

Action DVDs – Spiderman

This 2002 superhero movie featuring Tobey Maguire is another good option for a relaxing night in. Whether you are already a big fan of the spidery guy or not, you should get caught up in the action as he battles the bad guys using webs and stuff.

Family Classic DVDs – Shrek

If you want a few laughs and a feel-good factor then Shrek is an excellent choice. This lovable ogre is the star of the show but the rest of the characters play their part as well. All of the Shrek movies are good but the 2001 original is almost certainly the best. It was once the top-selling DVD of all time and it is easy to see why.

Top 10 DVDs – The Shawshank Redemption

The much loved prison tale The Shawshank Redemption is guaranteed to give you an enthralling night in front of the TV screen. It wasn’t a huge hit at cinemas but has proved to be incredibly popular with people looking for a good night in.

New DVD Movies – The Hobbit

While the Lord of the Ring series is already featured, it might be that you prefer to see how the story began. The Hobbit begins with An Unexpected Journey and leads us on a charming and exciting tale that should keep you glue to the screen.

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