The Inspirational Movies List to Enhance Your Life


Whatever type of movie you normally watch, there is sure to come a time when you want to choose something special from an inspirational movies list.
What are the best films out there that can teach you something valuable while entertaining you? The answer is there are more of them than you might think.

Awakenings for Tears and Inspiring Movie Quotes

If you want to see inspirational movies based on true stories then it doesn’t get much better than Awakenings.

This 1990 film has Robin Williams starring as a neurologist treating catatonic patients. If you get to the end of this movie without shedding a tear then it might be a good moment to check your pulse.

Gandhi – Inspirational Movies Based on True Stories

When we look at inspirational movies based on true stories we simply can’t afford to overlook Mahatma Gandhi, can we?

This 1982 epic by Richard Attenborough shows us the life of one of history’s most fascinating and powerful characters. He might not have looked very physically imposing but he changed the world for the better.

Men of Honor – An Inspirational True Story

Released in 2000, Robert De Niro and Cuba Gooding Jr turn in exceptional performances in Men of Honor.

You can watch a moving story and catch some inspiring movie quotes in this tale of how to overcome racism, a lack of education and serious physical injury.

Dead Poets Society – An Inspirational Movies List Essential

I just couldn’t resist putting in another Robin Williams classic on this inspirational movies list, this time from 1989.
Dead Poets Society is rated by many people as being among their favourite movies. It shows us how a dedicated and caring teacher can inspire and motivate their students.

A League of Their Own – Tom Hanks Inspires His Team

Tom Hanks turns in a fantastic performance in this 1992 classic. You will find some of the best inspirational quotes from movies coming from this uplifting comedy drama.

It might be good natured and light hearted but there is a serious message in A League of Their Own for anyone looking for it.

A Beautiful Mind – More Inspirational Movies Based on True Stories

Possible Russell Crowe’s finest moment that doesn’t involve swords and blood, A Beautiful Mind is from 2001 and is another movie based on real life.

The portrayal of economics genius John Nash might not have been 100% accurate but it was a terrific film with some truly inspiring movie quotes in it.

The Green Mile – Inspiring Movie Quotes and Action

Tom Hanks makes another appearance on our list, although it might seem strange to include a 1999 film about a prison warden on death row with a horrible bladder infection.

This movie teaches us not to judge people on first impressions, as gentle giant John Coffey reveals his amazing powers to the prison guards.

Life of Pi – Weird but Somehow Uplifting

Possibly the weirdest entry on the list, Life of Pi from 2012 is a fantasy adventure that has a deep message behind it.

Pi is an Indian boy who gets shipwrecked with a tiger and lives through an incredible adventure.

October Sky – Inspirational Quotes from Movies About Real People

This 1999 film is all about someone defying the odds to live their life in the way they want to.

Coal miner’s son Homer Hickam is inspired to build rockets and escape from the small town life he doesn’t want to have as his future.

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