The Best Happy Songs to Make You Feel Good Today


If you love listening to music online then you are sure to have some favourite tunes that put a big smile on your face every time you listen to them.

So, wouldn’t life be even better if you could listen to the best happy songs whenever you feel down? Putting on some feel good music certainly beats scoffing a ton of ice cream or trying to cheer yourself up by trying to crack a smile that just won’t appear.

Song to Make You Feel Good: Happy by Pharrell Williams

If you are going to name your song Happy then you really don’t want to make it a terrible, slow dirge that makes listeners gently weep into their handkerchiefs.

Thankfully, Pharrell Williams came up with one of the most infectious, fun songs ever. If you are ever listening to music on line and need cheered up then give Happy a spin. You will soon be dancing like a happy fool and enjoying your day again. You might even feel like a room without a roof. Really.

Best Happy Songs: Beautiful Day by U2

We have grown used to U2 offering us earnest rock songs that are good to listen to but don’t exactly make us dance around with a silly grin on our faces.

Strangely, Beautiful Day is the only one of these songs to make you feel good that mentions tuna fleets and Bedouin fires. Go figure.

Free Music Playlist to Feel Good: Echo Beach by Martha and the Muffins

This is an all time classic from the brilliantly named Martha & the Muffins. If you haven’t yet added this muffin based fun to your free music playlist then – hey – what are you waiting on, dude?

Scientists have proven that it is impossible to listen to this song and not smile non-stop until it ends. Make Echo Beach a stop on your musical journey and you won’t regret it.

Songs to Make You Feel Good: Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles

Imagine sitting there on the first warm morning of spring and enjoying the glory of the sun for the first time in ages. This is what this song is all about.

It is a Beatles classic and was written by George Harrison while he was sitting in his garden and saying goodbye to a long, cold lonely winter.

Best Happy Songs: Feeling Good by Nina Simone / Michael Buble

Nina Simone and Michael Buble are just a couple of the artists who have sent a shiver down our spines with this feel good classic.

It is the perfect song to make you realise that you are free and that you do indeed feel like a bird flying high and the breeze drifting on by. Try and keep a miserable face on while listening to it. I dare you to.

Best Happy Songs: The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

If there is a current artist who knows how to make us smile even when we feel down it is Bruno Mars. In this feel good song he lets us know that he is planning to spend all day in bed.

If you want a lazy day want to feel good about it then you can’ do much better than put on the Lazy Song and settle down in your snuggie (whatever that is) without combing your hair.

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