The Best Foreign Songs You Need to Listen To

Best Spanish songs

Anyone who spent their whole life only ever listening to sings in English is missing out on the best foreign songs ever written.

Sure, you sung along to that German bit in 99 Red Balloons once and you enjoy singing La Bamba, even if you have a faint suspicion that you just make up most of the words. Well, there are some other amazing foreign language songs for you to discover out there as well.

Best Spanish Songs- Mediterráneo

With around 500 million Spanish speakers on the planet it seems safe to assume that quite a few of them can sing pretty well. In fact, Shakira, Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias and Gloria Estefan have all had huge success in English as well as singing some of the best Spanish songs around.

A lot of the best Spanish songs are romantic ballads, but you will also find some rock classics, reggae tunes, flamenco and a lot more in there. Clearly, picking a single best song out of that lot is something no sensible person would ever do.

Ok, so bearing that in mind; what is the best Spanish song you should listen to? Well, you can't go far wrong if you listen to anything from Alejandro Sanz, Joaquin Sabina, Maná, Gipsy Kings, Marcela Morelo or Ricardo Arjona.

However, our entry here is Mediterráneo by Joan Manuel Serrat. It has been voted as the best Spanish song of all time by both the Spanish television channel TVE and Rolling Stone.

If you want to know how it feels to have been born in the Spanish Mediterranean region then this is your best bet.

At least until you get reincarnated as a goat herder on the outskirts of Barcelona.

Until then, here are some more great Spanish tunes.

Best Italian Songs –Se é Vero Che Ci Sei

There are more incredibly good Italian songs than you probably think. Unless you already think that there are a huge amount of brilliant Italian songs, that is.

The melodic, flowing Italian language lends itself perfectly to music, of course.

Some of the artists you should look out for are Laura Pausini, Nek, Eros Ramazotti and Nicola di Bari. Oh, and some large chap called Pavarotti could hold a tune as well.

In fact, Pavarotti makes a guest appearance on one of the best Italian songs you will ever hear. Do you know that feeling when you don't understand a single word of a song but somehow understand what it is about?

That is how you will feel when you listen to Se é vero che ci sei. It is a quite fantastic song by Biagio Antonacci, which is the sort of name we would all secretly love to have as well.

Also, is there a better line in a song in any language than ma due occhi sono pochi per questo immenso?

Here are some more of the best Italian songs for you.

Best French Pop Songs and Classics– La Boheme

You already know a few French songs, don't you? Sure you do.

Non, je ne regrette rien, Ne me quitte pas and Joe le taxi are songs in French you have almost certainly heard at some point and which are among the best French pop songs or classic tunes.

So which is the best French song of all? A little bit of light Wikipedia-based research reveals that the best selling song in France of all time is Petit Papa Noel.

It is a great little song but doesn't seem to have the universal appeal we are looking for in the best foreign songs ever made. Heck, even the French are probably sick of hearing it every single blooming Christmas.

Sadly, the Ketchup Song, YMCA and Mambo No5 are soul-crushingly high on the list of the most sold songs in the

history of the land of Edith Piaf.

There are some excellent modern French pop songs and dance songs but nothing captures the spirit of the language quite like the magnificent La Boheme by Charles Aznavour.

The video might appear quite dated now but the music is timeless and will have you feeling as though you really once lived a bohemian life in Paris.

If you want more classic French songs then try this video.

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