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If you want to entertain your children then there aren't many better options than that of sitting them down with one of the best movies for kids.

There are many good kid movies around and the following are some of the best ones for you to consider.

Best Movies for Kids - Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

It may be an oldie but the 1937 Walt Disney version of this tale is still a classic. Most kids probably already know that story but they will still be delighted when they see the action unfold.

It looks cute and it looks old-fashioned but there is no denying that the moment when the seven dwarves appear is one of cinema's magical moments. How will long will your little one take to memorise all of their names? You can sometimes watch older kids movies online for free, like this one.

Good Kid Movies - Toy Story

The tale of Buzz and Woody has kept kids and adults alike entertained for longer than some people would care to admit. In fact, some grownups get so obsessed about this kid's movie that they come up with bizarre conspiracy theories.

Regardless of whether the film is trying to tell us about the Illuminati or the Nazis, Toy Story is an enjoyable movie with a lot of funny lines and some amazing action sequences.

Good Kids Movies - Finding Nemo

The popularity of Finding Nemo can be seen with the fact that it is one of the top selling DVDs of all time. People all over the world love this little fish dude.

It is the everyday tale of a clownfish looking to make his way in the big, wide ocean. The funny and likeable Nemo is a tremendous character and this is one of the best movies for kids with a strong social message.

Best Movies for Kids - ET The Extra Terrestrial

This film has been around since 1982 but still looks fantastic. It is the tale of a cute alien who wants to go back home to his planet.

The action and effects might seem a little quaint at times but the story of a lonely boy who meets a new friend is sure to strike a chord with many young viewers. If you haven't seen it in a while you might be surprised at how moving it is too.

New Kids Movies - Up

This 2009 kid's animated adventure is a delight to watch. Let's face it; who hasn't wanted to tie a whole bunch of balloons to their house and then fly away? That's right; no one.

Like many of the best movies for kids, there are some serious messages and pieces of advice on Up which add to the appeal of it. The rise of kids movies online means that they can enjoy this sort of film at any time.

Best Movies for Kids - The Wizard of Oz

We might as well step back in time again and see what the Wizard of Oz has to offer us. This is one of those timeless children's movies that still look great even today. While we love new kids movies, there is something very special about classics like this.

The Wizard of Oz was released in 1939 but modern day children still love the characters and the songs.

Good Kids Movies - The Lion King

This is another great animated movie with a lot of heart and spirit for kids to appreciate. Simba is the star but the amazing songs are what most stand out about this movie.

Settle down with the family and you can all have a great time watching this sort of brilliant kid's movie together.

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