The Best Birthday Party Games and Themes for Boys

Boys Birtday Party Ideas

There are few things more exciting than arranging birthday party games and themes for a special boy in your life.

However, unless you earn a living as a lion tamer or a brain surgeon then you probably aren’t going to do many more stressful things this year.

If you want to avoid the stress and not have a disappointed or upset little boy then the following are a few handy tips to bear in mind around the best themes and games for birthday party use.

Themes for Parties – The Latest Kid’s Films and the Classics

For many boys, there is nothing better than having a party based on their favourite movie. If Mickey Mouse is the first name to spring to mind then you are a bit out of touch with what is happening down Disney way.

In this case, you could check out some of the latest upcoming movie trailers to get ideas on themes for parties.

For example, the following trailer for Disney’s Big Hero 6 lets you see one of the big upcoming movies on the Disney Movie Trailers channel.

Alternatively, you might decide to base the theme on a classic kid’s movie that he loves. Does he have a soft spot for Toy Story, Shrek or the Lion King?

These are all brilliant movies to base a boy’s party around although you might need to refresh your memory a bit if you haven’t seen his favourite film in a while.

Don’t worry though; you don’t to sit through endless hours of Hakuna Matata and “To Infinity and Beyond” in order to remind yourself what the characters are like.

Instead, just head over to see a short clip of the movie and it’ll all come flooding back. This short clip of Toy Story, for example, shows you why so many kids love it so much.

Themes for Parties - Other Things He Likes

Of course, the birthday boy will also have other interests apart from in movies. Maybe he would be thrilled to have a birthday party based on an annoyingly addictive game like Angry Birds or a pirate theme, for instance.

If you want your swashbuckling little buccaneer to have an amazing time then you could check out a few simple ideas for arranging a fun pirate party. This YouTube video shows you how easy it is.

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Maybe he loves planes or cars or sports as well. Whatever it is that most interests him you can build a party theme around it.

If he’s too young to tell you what he likes then there are some timeless first birthday ideas you could choose from on this video.

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Birthday Party Games – Ones That Suit the Theme

The theme you have (hopefully) come up with by now should help you decide what games the kids will be playing.

If you’re going for the pirate theme then you could send them on a treasure hunt, get them to toss black balloons as though they were cannon balls or even, gulp, get them to walk the dreaded plank.

Actually, a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt is one of the ideas that can suit most themes, so this video showing how to organize one could come in really handy.

Birthday Party Games – Timeless Classics

What about those timeless classic birthday party games that we all played back in the days when a Walkman or an Atari console seemed like the cutting edge of technology?

If you can cast your mind back to the days when you were a kid then you might remember playing classic games for birthday party events like Musical Chairs, Pass the Parcel and even Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

You shouldn’t rule out these games just because they seem a bit old-fashioned in these days of smartphones and even smarter kids.

There is a very good reason why these games have been so popular for so long; they are incredibly good fun.

For first birthday ideas remember to include a few easy games for the younger party-goers and some for the older kids that are there.

No matter what you decide, just remember to make it as much fun for the birthday boy as possible, while trying to avoid making it too stressful for you.

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