Should You Listen to Music at Work for a Better Day?


  If you don’t currently listen to music at work then – hey – maybe you should. We all know that work can be a pain in the rear end. Between early morning starts, annoying bosses and the lack of a good cappuccino in the coffee machine it is sometimes hard to remember why we…

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Is It Time to Listen to Some New Kinds of Music?


  If you enjoy listening to music then there is a good chance that you have your favourite music styles that you keep going back to time after time. We all have stuff that we most enjoy listening to but you shouldn’t close your mind to other kinds of music as well. So what sort…

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The Best Foreign Songs You Need to Listen To

Anyone who spent their whole life only ever listening to sings in English is missing out on the best foreign songs ever written. Sure, you sung along to that German bit in 99 Red Balloons once and you enjoy singing La Bamba, even if you have a faint suspicion that you just make up most…

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The Best Happy Songs to Make You Feel Good Today


  If you love listening to music online then you are sure to have some favourite tunes that put a big smile on your face every time you listen to them. So, wouldn’t life be even better if you could listen to the best happy songs whenever you feel down? Putting on some feel good…

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Why Should You Learn How to Play Piano or Keyboards

Have you ever looked at top class piano players like Elton John and Billy Joel and wished you could learn how to play a piano and be more like them? Sure, you could probably do without the weird wigs and the grey goatee beard but in terms of talent they are hard to beat. Learning…

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How to Make Beats At Home That Sound Great

There can be few things more satisfying than making your own great-sounding music at home. Whether you want to make your own beat as a hobby or as a way of forging a career, it is sure to be something you enjoy. As long as your surname isn’t Cyrus, Gaga, Durst or Spears then others…

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