Some Great Reasons to Choose Birds as Pets

african grey parrots

If you are currently thinking of getting a pet for your family then it is well worth considering birds as pets.

While cats and dogs are always among the most popular types of pet around the world, there is a lot to be said for considering the best pet birds too.

The Best Pet Birds Are Great Fun to Be With

It is easy to think that while dog are fun and cats are cheeky, birds are a bit boring. After all, they just sit there all day in their cages, don’t they?

Well, it turns out that our feathered friends can actually be wonderful fun in any house. They each have their own personalities and can provide good company for adults and kids alike.

This YouTube video shows how much fun it can be when your pet bird decides to interact with the other pets in the home.

Birds are also surprisingly smart. As we can see in this video, they can get taught all sorts of clever things.

All of this means that if you like the idea of having a fun, smart pet than a pet bird is a better choice than you might originally think.

Birds As Pets Are Low Maintenance

It is all very well having a fun pet at home but how much hard work will your pet give you? Cleaning up messy floors after a kitten or taking the dog out for a walk can be time-consuming things to do.

The good news is that birds are extremely low maintenance pets. Some are easier to care for than others, of course.

The likes of budgies and canaries can give you a lovely pet without taking up very much of your time at all.

On the other hand, a pet bird such as a cockatiel need more of your time, as they need to be taken out and handled more frequently. If you are interested in a bird like this then here is a short video that shows you how to care for a cockatiel.

African Grey parrots are other types that can make a great pet bird too. If you like the idea of an exotic, friendly pet then this video on African grey parrots might be of interest to you.

These fun little fellows can talk, sing and do lots of other exciting stuff that most pets simply can’t do.

Birds as Pets Cause Less Allergy Problems

One of the reasons why some families don’t get a pet is because of the risk of allergy problems. Many people have problems with the fur from cats and dogs but find birds easier to live with.

That doesn’t mean that the best pet birds don’t bring the possibility of allergy problems with them. The next video shows that this is still something to be aware of, but it isn’t as big a risk as it is with some other types of pet.

The Best Pet Birds Are Inexpensive to Keep

There is no doubt that the cost of keeping a pet is one of the reasons why some people decide against them. Vets bill, food and accessories can all add up to a big financial commitment every year.

However, birds are very affordable pets that can give you years of pleasure and company without costing you too much money. The following video shows the sort of cost you can expect when you choose a pet parrot.

All in all, you can’t do much better than add a fun pet bird to your family.

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