Simple Steps to Prevent You From Becoming A Heart Disease Statistic

Your Heart Health

Heart disease is one of the curses of the modern world. It is the leading cause of death in the US and every year heart disease statistics estimate that millions of lives are claimed all over the world through heart related deaths.

Still, there are some simple steps you can take in order to maintain a healthier heart for the rest of your life.

Risk Factors for Heart Disease - Weight

Gaining weight is something that can be dangerous for your heart. In fact, it has been suggested that just adding weight can put you at risk of heart disease even if your not technically overweight.

Losing weight can be an incredibly tough thing to do and cutting back on food intake is probably the first sensible step for many people. If you want an incentive for doing it then preventing heart disease in the future and living longer has got to be worth aiming for, hasn’t it?

Don’t you want a healthy heart that lets you live until the days when your grandkids grow up, the skies are filled with flying cars, you can go on day trips to the Moon and the Kardashians finally get taken off our screens? Sure you do.

Preventing Heart Disease - Get More Exercise

Workout For A Healthy Heart

If your idea of a good workout is stretching over to pick the remote control off the floor then it is time to move that body.

Regular bouts of exercise can make you feel good and get you close to that attractive personal trainer at the local gym.

Even better than that, it can also give you a stronger heart and decrease your risk of heart disease. If you like the idea of working your way to a healthy heart then cardiovascular exercise is what you need to do.

This could be achieved by jogging, carrying out aerobics, riding a bicycle or thumping people in the boxing ring.

Preventing Heart Disease - Eat the Right Food

Were you just a little bit disappointed earlier on when you read the bit about cutting back on your food?

Go on, you can admit it here among friends.

We all love to eat the food we love, which would be a great slogan for a fast food restaurant if they want to pay me for it.

However, by choosing the right kinds of food for reducing the risk of heart disease you can still enjoy eating but not be worried about dropping dead while doing it. It’s a win-win scenario, really.

The best foods for your little old ticker include salmon, almonds, blueberries and tomatoes. Finding a decent recipe that fits all of them bad boys in might be tricky and just putting them all on top of a pizza kind of defeats the purpose. Instead, add one or two of them to each meal and you will be on the right track.

As far as the worst food for your heart goes, if you really can’t live without bacon, French fries and soda then you might want to look away now. Actually, I should probably have told you to look away before I named those nasties. Sorry.

Healthy Heart Food

Cholesterol and Risk of Heart Disease

There are different theories these days about the role that cholesterol plays in the risk of heart disease.

It used to be said that all cholesterol was bad. Then we were told that there was evil, sinister cholesterol that kills us and kind, generous cholesterol that keeps us healthy, makes nice comments on our Facebook page and does the dishes every night.

Now there are those experts who suggest that cholesterol doesn’t even play a part in heart disease statistics.

It can really all get too confusing, hey?

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