Is Backpacking Around the World Right for You?


  Have you ever looked at someone backpacking around the world and wondered whether it is something you would like to do? The thought of giving up your life for months and setting off with just a backpack and some basic possessions might simultaneously thrill you and terrify the living daylights out of you. However,…

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How to Travel Alone and Enjoy It More


  If you learn how to travel alone then this can be one of life’s great pleasures from now on, instead of being a pain or something to fear. Do you think that going away on your own is likely to be a sad, depressing experience? Well, it doesn’t have to be. The best solo…

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Travel Packing Tips for More Enjoyable Trips


  Taking away the right stuff is one of the most important aspects of traveling. Sure, it isn’t as important as taking thousands of identical selfies and getting hopelessly lost 10 metres from you hotel, but the right travel packing list can make a big difference to your overall trip. Choosing the Clothes for Your…

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Easy Green Home Solutions to Help the Planet


  Do you want to help the planet deal with global warming but don’t know how? Well, you could go and plant a giant new rainforest or take a big bunch of ice cubes out to the Antarctic. Hey, maybe looking at some green home solutions might be easier. It is easier to get an…

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Where is the Cheapest Place to Travel to?


  Finding cheap places to travel to can help you see the world without being rich. Sure it would be great to travel anywhere you want in private jets and bathe in champagne and stuff. However, what if your meager budget mean that you can only afford to fly budget class and bathe in, err,…

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What Is Insurance and Do You Really Need It?


  We all end up with some sort of insurance at some point in out our lives but what is insurance and do we really need it at all? The truth is that it is easy to think that we only need to take out a policy when we are forced to do so in…

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