My Christmas Planning Checklist

Christmas Planning IdeasIf you are like me you tend to leave your Christmas planning to the last minute.

What we all need is a checklist we can work through to make sure nothing is forgotten and everything is done in plenty of time.

Here is my checklist (and some random thoughts at the same time):

  • Make travel arrangements early if you are not having Xmas at home – or if everyone is coming to your house maybe you should consider booking a ticket anyway and get out of there!
  • Buy Christmas cards, or decide to use email this year (tacky but much less time consuming)
  • Buy heaps of wrapping paper – will your style choice be conservative or “in your face” this year?
  • Make a master gift list – don’t forget to include the most important person in your world (YOU OF COURSE)
  • Make a budget – unless you are a realist and understand you are not likely to stick to a budget anyway.
  • Start shopping – online shopping is the best option unless you like having fist fights in the shopping mall, in which case make sure you bring someone with a video camera so I can see it on You Tube.  If you want to visit the best online Christmas shop in the world, here is the portal.
  • Wrap gifts – remember to remove price tags so you don’t have to wrap twice. That’s why I suggested buying lots of wrapping paper.
  • Update your Christmas decorations – you can never have too many decorations – check out these Xmas Warrior videos from You Tube
  • Send your Xmas cards – again I suggest you consider the tacky email approach. As you get closer to 25 December and find you still haven’t sent the cards you will understand what I mean!
  • Buy a tree and decorate it– or pull the old plastic one out from under the bed. Who will know the difference if you cover it with lights, tinsel and baubles? Oh, remember to dust it before decorating or you may have to do that twice as well!
  • Finalize your menu for Christmas dinner – and make it special. You know everyone is comparing your cooking to your mum, even if they say they aren’t.
  • Buy food – like the cards, it sort of doesn’t make sense to set a menu and then forget to get the stuff you need to make it, and just a reminder - no take outs will be open to save you on the day.
  • Buy batteries for children’s toys – I know from experience that this is a big one. If you think the sound of kids toys are irritating, wait until you hear the sound of a child holding a toy that needs a weird kind of battery to make it work.
  • Fill the spare fridge with alcohol – what you don’t use on Christmas Day, or to dull the pain as you get ready for the big day, you will definitely need for New Year’s Eve which is just around the corner.
  • Relax – enjoy the day; you know you deserve all the love your family and friends will heap on you.


If you think my checklist may be a little random for you – check out what this nice lady has to say:

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I am doing most of my Christmas shopping on Amazon this year – it is cheap and convenient. Have a look at their Christmas Store and let me know what you think.

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