Learn How to Draw Pencil Portraits and Amaze Your Friends

Too many of us give up painting or drawing at school or college. Just because we don’t fit what the teacher thinks of as a good artist there is no need to give up, though.

If you want to learn how to draw then there are other ways to do about it. For example, you could forget all about paints and brushes and learn pencil drawing techniques instead.

How to Draw Portraits - Where to Start

The starting point for anyone wanting to learn how to draw a good portrait is to pick up a pencil. Sounds too simple, right?

You can’t expect to produce classy, impeccable portraits right from the start, especially if you are still lacking in confidence from your days in art classes.

However, there is no other way to get going than by putting pencil to paper. This will let you see where you stand right now and how much you need to improve.

Unless you’re one of the very few people who are naturally gifted at pencil drawing techniques your first efforts aren’t likely to be up to much. Maybe your subject’s eyes look like fried eggs and possibly their hair resembles a week old broccoli that’s gone a bit mouldy.

This is why it is best not to show your early efforts to many people. People don’t like to think that they have broccoli instead of hair.

In fact, your best model in the early days is yourself, or your pet if you have one. Dogs tend to be especially easy-going if you draw a particularly bad portrait of them, while cats might get more upset.

You don’t want to be discouraged by what other people say when you are just starting out. Stay confident and keep the faith, because there is still a lot you can do to keep on improving.

Get Professional Tips on How to Draw Eyes and Everything Else

If you keep drawing then you will gradually improve, just as you would without almost everything in life, from cooking to making music and cleaning windows.

However, a shortcut you can’t afford to overlook is that of getting some professional help .With the help of some tips you will improve your pencil drawing techniques rapidly and painlessly.

There are certain aspects of how to draw portraits with a pencil that you will need some expert guidance on. For example, the question of how to draw eyes is something that can lead to a huge amount of frustration if you keep getting them wrong.

A few smart pointers from someone who knows all the techniques will put you on the right track. Look at this video to see how exciting it can be draw professionally.

pencil drawing techniques

Keep Practising Your Pencil Drawing Techniques

By this stage you should know how to draw portraits to a decent level. You will know how to draw eyes so that they look like eyes and the hair will be realistic enough for your friends to be impressed.

You now need to keep practising in order to hone your technique and be able to add your own personal touch to what you do.

Maybe you will start adding funny caricatures to your repertoire or perhaps you will focus on babies, older folks or anything else you are interested in.

By carrying on practising you will discover what your strengths are will keep on improving. Before long people will probably start asking you for tips and wondering how you got so good at drawing.

Just tell them that you were born with the talent.

For a head start on learning this useful skill you can check out the Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery site

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