Is It Time to Listen to Some New Kinds of Music?


If you enjoy listening to music then there is a good chance that you have your favourite music styles that you keep going back to time after time.

We all have stuff that we most enjoy listening to but you shouldn’t close your mind to other kinds of music as well. So what sort of music is out that there that you might not know about yet?

The music genres list is long and varied, so let’s concentrate on three styles you have definitely heard of before now.

Interesting Kinds of Music: World Music

World music is a hugely varied category that ranges from Cuban urban hip hop to traditional African chanting to some dude in Borne with a wind instrument in his naval cavity. Here’s the video evidence of that last part if you don’t believe it.

If you are looking for a definition of world music then you might start with “songs I don’t understand the words to or even the name of”. However, perhaps it is best described as ethnic or “traditional music from around the world”. Call it what you like but it is certainly interesting.

To get started you could check out some of the recent winners of recent World Music awards. Some of the names might not be familiar to you but once you listen to the music you will find that much of it is vibrant and fascinating.

This YouTube video has some great world music you might like the sound of.

You could try a free music playlist for the likes of Snatam Kaur, Youssou N’Dour or maybe a wonderful Putumayo mix to try and find the ideal world music for you. Here’s a link to some relaxing Buddha Bar music.

Best Music Styles: Jazz Music

When you think of jazz you might think of cool trumpet players and finger-clicking hep cats with turtle neck sweaters.

Sure, that is part of the world of jazz but there is a lot more that might be of interest to you. The jazz genre covers amazing artists like Harry Connick Jr, Nina Simone, Louis Armstrong and a lot more.

The line between jazz and other kinds of music can often be as thin and blurred as, well, a thin blurry line. You shouldn’t worry too much about the exact name of the music you are listening to; just find something you enjoy and enjoy the heck out of it.

You will find plenty of jazz music to choose from on YouTube, with this selection being a good introduction.

If you like the sound of those songs then this will be just the start of your journey through jazz.

Music Genres List: Blue Music

Blues is one of the oldest and most influential music styles and it is still as wildly popular in our times as it was in the past.

Some of the earliest recorded popular music we can find these days is from the blues genre, such as Robert Johnson’s tale of selling his soul to the Devil down at the crossroads. Was it worth it, Robert?

You almost certainly know the name of other brilliant blues artists such as Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy and BB King. Stars from other genres such as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and even Prince have all made some great blues songs over the year.

For the best blues music give this video a whirl and see what you think. A blues free music playlist could be exactly what you need to start to enjoy music more. If not, just keep looking through the music genres list.

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