Is Backpacking Around the World Right for You?


Have you ever looked at someone backpacking around the world and wondered whether it is something you would like to do?

The thought of giving up your life for months and setting off with just a backpack and some basic possessions might simultaneously thrill you and terrify the living daylights out of you. However, is it something you could do?

Work While Backpacking Around the World?

Clearly, you are unlikely to carry on working while you travel the world. Unless you have the most understanding boss in the world it isn´t going to be possible to dial in to conferences from Angkor Wat or catch up on your email from Iguazu Falls.

Telling your boss you are sick in bed while you are away seeing the planet might seem like a smart move but something is sure to give the game away.

It may be when you finally go back to work with a fierce sun tan and the ability to say “is that a rodent in my soup?” in 5 different languages. Or it might be when worried work colleagues go to your house and discover that a family of Mexicans are now living there.

Sure, you could work online on a freelance basis while you are travelling. This will eat into your free time but if you need to earn some money to make this dream come true then it will be worth considering. This video will get you started.

If you are thinking of backpacking across Europe and the world while occasionally working on a laptop then you should get started before you travel. Spend a month or so making contacts and doing some work before you set off to travel like this.

If you work while you travel then you will be able to stay away for as long as you want.

Backpacking Tips for Financial Issues

Whether you need to work while backpacking or not, the financial side of things can’t be ignored. After all, you don’t want to rock up to somewhere remote like Iceland and then discover that you have absolutely no money to get off the blooming island. Begging for money beside a geyser while faint with hunger isn’t much fun [citation needed].

This means that before you can even think about slipping on your delightful new zip-off trousers for the first time you need to work out the financial side of things. Speaking of clothes, here are some backpacking tips for packing well, to let us forget about money for a few minutes.

A good start is to go on forums for people backpacking around the world, to see what sort of figures you can work out for daily living costs. It is less expensive than you think. Unless you think it is really cheap, of course.

A good piece of advice is to avoid expensive places like Europe and North America. For cheap backpacking South America and Asia are good choices.

Here are some more financial backpacking tips on this video.

The Adventure – Backpacking Across Europe and Beyond

There is something giddily exciting about walking up each morning on the other side of the world from your home.

There are sure to be days when you can’t even remember where you are or why there is a giant traffic sign in bed next to you. Pro tip; stealing traffic signs in foreign countries is a bad idea.

The sense of adventure that comes with a backpacking trip is one of the very best things about travelling like this. It might even put the thrill and the je ne sais quoi back into your life again.

But could you live with such adventure on a daily basis while backpacking South America or Asia? Not knowing where you are going to sleep that night or what country you are going to be in the next day is a weird way to live life and the thought might be enough to put you off the idea.

At the end of the day, if you want to add some fun to your life and experience the world then you will know by now that backpacking around the world is right for you. This final video will get you in the mood for doing something about it right now.

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