I Am Not Going To Leave My Christmas Planning Late This Year

Christmas Planning IdeasI don’t know about you but the countdown to Xmas has really begun in my household.

Yesterday I spent the day putting up Christmas lights around the house. For some stupid reason I really enjoy these happy, sparkly displays and it just puts a smile on my face when I come home from work in the dark and see the houses lit up.

But I don’t go overboard like some people love to do!

If you want a laugh, have a look at this collection of over the top light displays I found on You Tube.

Today the kids are putting up the Xmas tree. Now that they are older I just bring in the boxes and let them at it, and they do a really good job of decorating until the arguments start over who is going to put the star on the top of the tree.

I think what I like about Christmas as much as anything else is that it marks the start of my annual vacation.

Unlike those of you in the USA, UK and other parts of the Northern Hemisphere, I am lucky enough to live in Perth, Western Australia. While you enjoy the tradition of a white Christmas, it is not unusual for us to be celebrating in 100 plus degree heat!

So it is more Xmas on the beach with a cold beer rather than mulled wine by a roaring fire.

How do you think Santa feels when he arrives in Australia wearing a big red woolly coat!

After Xmas we tow our caravan down to a coastal town in Western Australia called Albany and for the next two weeks we simply chill out by the ocean – surfing, bike riding, sleeping in, catching up with friends, reading – anything but work basically.

But, before I can have all that fun, I have to get through my Christmas Planning Checklist.

That’s right, this year I am not going to leave everything to the last minute like almost every other year.

I have created a checklist to make sure I get everything done. – check it out on this page.

OK, for those of you that have looked at my checklist you know I have had some fun with it, but to make it up to you I have also included a video from a very lovely lady who shows you how to be completely organized this Christmas.

If you think I have missed anything, leave your comments below. Otherwise just leave your Xmas wishes for the rest of the Spikers World family to read. If you think my checklist is more entertaining than “lovely lady’s” you can leave that message as well!

I hope you are looking forward to Christmas as much as I am and I sincerely wish you and your family a safe and happy festive season.

Merry Christmas to you all


Craig Ridley (Spiker)


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