How to Travel Alone and Enjoy It More


If you learn how to travel alone then this can be one of life’s great pleasures from now on, instead of being a pain or something to fear.

Do you think that going away on your own is likely to be a sad, depressing experience? Well, it doesn’t have to be. The best solo vacations can be amazing experiences.

Choose the Best Places to Travel Alone

So, where are the best solo vacations to be found? Pretty much everywhere.

Bustling cities likes London, Paris, New York, Buenos Aires, Bangkok and Sydney are typically filled with solo travelers, many of whom are keen to speak to other people in the same situation.

The worst places to travel alone are often the beach resorts which are aimed at couples and families. You could end up feeling very out of place if you are surrounded by screaming kids and couples making out all day long.

The following YouTube video covers some of the best places in the world to travel to alone.

Of course, if there is somewhere you have always wanted to go to but you don’t have anyone to go with you can it is worth going there alone and having a rocking good time.

How to Travel Alone and Stay Safe

How to stay safe is one of the biggest worries for solo travelers, especially women and those doing it for the first ever time.

The first thing to do is not look afraid or nervous. This will make any dangerous characters in the area immediately identify you as a potential target.

Stay cool and look as though you know what you are doing and where you are going. So don’t stop in the middle of a touristy area and pull out a giant map, for example.

You will also want to avoid standing out from the crowd as being an obvious tourist. If you buy some clothes while there it will help you blend in.

Avoid getting into potentially dangerous situations or doing anything that you wouldn’t feel safe doing at home.

If you are heading back to your hotel late at night then only use registered taxis if you can. Stick to well-lit areas when walking alone. If you need to walk through a dodgy looking area then try and walk as close to the road as you safely can, to avoid shadowy doorways and other hidden dangers.

This next video has some more tips on how to travel alone safely.

Take a Book or Two for the Best Solo Vacations

One of the most helpful things a solo traveler can take away with them is a book. This will come in handy when you have some spare time to fill in the airport, in the hotel or elsewhere. Even in the best places to travel alone you will find time to sit and quietly read for a while.

Your book can help you out most of all when it is time to eat. Many people traveling alone dread eating in restaurants, because they feel awkward about doing this.

However, with a good book in front of you this will be a lot easier to do.

You could even take away a book that inspires you to travel more in the future, like one of these.

Find Place to Travel Alone and Talk to People

A huge benefit to traveling solo is that you can speak to more people. If you travel in a group you probably find that you stick to each other’s company most of the time.

On the other hand, traveling solo gives you the perfect opportunity to speak to locals and to other travelers too.

If you need to learn a new language to do this then this final video will get you started in style.

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