How to Clean Your House Fast with the Best Vacuum Cleaner

How to clean your house fast

It seems safe to suggest that you want to know how to clean your house fast and enjoy more time to doing the things you enjoy. Hey, you need a vacuum cleaner.

Well, unless what you most enjoy is getting down on your knees and picking hairs and bits of dirt out of the carpets of your home, that is. An alternative approach is to take your carpets outside and beat the living daylights out of them like in the old day.

Assuming that you aren´t a stark raving lunatic who likes to tidy up in the 18th century way then you will want to know some house cleaning tips and tricks to make life easier.

Do you already own a vacuum cleaner? The chances are that you do but it could be that own the wrong type or you are – gasp – using the blooming thing wrong.

What Is a Vacuum Cleaner? The Upright Model

The classic type of vacuum cleaner is the upright model that has been around for decades. There are many different models, some with bags and some without.

These are still popular types of cleaner but many householders find them to a bit dull and old-fashioned. There is also the feeling that they don´t all take advantage of the best modern technology in the way they could.

You can whizz round the house quickly with one of these machines and they have a big capacity, but they can be heavy and difficult to manoeuvre.

The following is a video showing some of the best models currently available.

What Is a Vacuum Cleaner? The Canister Model

The canister type of vacuum cleaner is also known as the cylinder model in some parts of the world, while you might also know them as “those funky small cleaners with long hoses”.

The portability and smaller size of these cleaners make them ideal in some cases. They are also great at getting into tight spaces in your home, although they can´t guarantee that you won´t find icky and possibly inappropriate stuff in these places.

The biggest drawback in some homes is that they have a smaller capacity than bigger, upright models. This list of the best canister models could help you if want to find a perfect one.

Cleaning Tips and Tricks? Use a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Wet vacuum cleaners sound like the worst thing ever, and possibly darned dangerous as well. However, these are now a valid option for fulfilling your house cleaning schedule.

This is still considered by a lot of people to be more of an industrial cleaning type of machine but you can easily find domestic models as well.

You won´t be surprised to find that they use water to help shift stubborn stains from the floor. If this sounds useful to you then this video will help show you how they work.

How to Clean Your House Fast It´s Really Small

Hand held vacuum cleaners are fantastic for cleaning cars and Lego houses but they are too small for most people´s homes.

This is the sort of cleaning device that is good picking up dirt from your chairs and bed but you are unlikely to use one to clean the whole house. Well, unless you have a house cleaning schedule that lasts basically all day long.

With so many big vacuum cleaners now having a variety of attachments you might not even need a hand held cleaner for the tricky little spots now. The top models are covered in this YouTube video.

What is a Vacuum Cleaner with a Mind of Its Own

Robotic vacuum cleaners may look like something out of a science fiction movie but you can buy them right now without having to pop in your time travelling machine to do so.

They little critters can be programmed so that they shoot out of their docking stations and clean your home even while you are fast asleep, in the pub or fast asleep in the pub.

The last video on our list covers the best current models.

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