Tell Me What Heartburn Feels Like

Heartburn is a sharp pain sensation felt mainly after meals or after consumption of too much sweet, sour or fatty food items. As the pain is felt in the chest region it is called Heartburn. In fact this is a very common problem and all over the world there are numbers of people suffering from this uncomfortably.

What Can I Do To Cure Heartburn?

To get an immediate relief we have a common practice to take medicine in the form of pills or liquids marketed by different pharmaceuticals companies and available in our local medicine shop. However it can give only a temporary relief and can not cure the problem. Some people think that they are having a heart related problem or that it may cause an immediate heart attack. However  there is nothing to be afraid of as it is not any acute disease. We can get rid of this problem if we get serious.

First consider the cause of this problem. It is very simple. It is happening because of the excessive acid secretion and as your stomach suffers the problem you feel a burning sensation in the extended area of heart to throat. As I said, taking of medicines is only a temporary reliever but some alternative action by can really help.

Control Your Eating Habits To Relieve Heartburn

It may be initially difficult for the food lovers, but only a change of eating habits can help us relieve heartburn.

Control excess eating – avoid eating too much food at a sitting and reduce the frequency of food intake.

Control fatty food – reduce your intake of fatty food is a good solution.

Control fast food  – really, it should be avoided as far as possible.

Control Acidic or really sour food – too much sour food or acidic food must be avoided.  Fresh fruits are not any problem but if it is too sour it should also be avoided.

Drink plenty of water – taking in plenty of water is very important. In fact water gives you a good cleansing of harming acids.

Eat properly – it is found that those people who are always in a hurry even at the time of taking food suffer most from heartburn. What actually happens is the digestive system can not work properly and produces too much acid. It is important to eat food properly in a slow pace and relaxing mood. Paying attention to food is important.

Exercise – this is most important. Exercise gives our body extra energy and allows it to function better.

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