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Have you always dreamt of looking like a star? While there are people who look like celebrities some of us have to work a bit harder to achieve this.

Unless you were lucky enough to be born with Tom Cruise's hair or Madonna's face it is likely that you need to do carry out some work to find out how to look like a celebrity.

Find Your Celebrity Look Alike Match

Ok, so if you are a white guy who measures 180 you aren't going to try and look like Halle Berry or Jennifer Lopez, are you? At least, unless you are doing it for comedic effect.

If you are thinking of this then you might want to re-consider your options unless you want to end up looking more like Mrs Doubtfire.

So, the first point is clearly to find you celebrity look alike. If you do this then you can start off from a decent starting point.

What celebrity do you look like, then? It may appear pretty obvious to you at first but it is a good idea to ask other people for your opinion. This video might also help.

If you don't feel confident enough to do this then you could try comparing your photos to those of your celebrity look alike or else trying touching up some of your photos to try and see how much you really would look the star in question.

How to Look Like a Celebrity: Use the Right Clothes and Accessories

When you think about it, a lot of the image projected by starts comes down to the clothes and accessories they wear.

Where would Johnny Deep be without his hats? Would Jennifer Lawrence or Beyonce be such stars without their stylish dresses? What about Miley Cyrus and her...ok, let's forget that one for the minute.

The truth is that the right choice of clothes can make you appear a lot more like the person you are trying to look like.

Of course we can't all spend a fortune on designer clothes like the stars do. Bearing this in mind, one approach you could take is to look for reasonably priced alternatives. Try the advice on this video to get going.

Perhaps an even better is to pick up some accessories that help you achieve the look you after with less effort and cost. This video shows you how.

What Celebrity Do You Look Like Using the Right Make Up?

Maybe a healthy dose of makeup will help you achieve the look you after. People who look like celebrities often use make up cleverly to highlight certain features or to carefully hide others. This video shows us how.

Of course, if you aren't very experienced you might end up looking more like a stunned panda than Brad Pitt or more like a talentless attention seeker than Kim Kardashian. Oh, hang on…

Get the makeup right, though, and it will subtly enhance your look and give you the look you are after. You can even look like a Disney princess.

The Attitude

Finally, the last thing you have to get right is your star attitude.

You ain't going to look like Will Smith or Angelina Jolie if you cower in a corner and are embarrassed by your celebrity style. Instead, you need to feel proud of your look and carry it off with a real celebrity attitude.

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