Easy Green Home Solutions to Help the Planet


Do you want to help the planet deal with global warming but don’t know how? Well, you could go and plant a giant new rainforest or take a big bunch of ice cubes out to the Antarctic. Hey, maybe looking at some green home solutions might be easier.

It is easier to get an eco friendly house than you might think if you follow these ideas.

Green Home Solutions – Close your Curtains / Drapes

This is just stupid, isn’t it? I mean, how can closing your curtains help save the planet and keep those cute little penguins from drowning? Well, you might not save the planet on your own in this way but it is a start.

Your home loses a lot of heat through the windows, so opening and closing your curtains at the right time of day can make a difference.

Do this right and you can use less energy to heat the place up, giving you a slightly more eco friendly house and giving those penguins more chances to dance their little feet happily. Also, check out some drapes made with eco friendly materials on this video.

Turn Off Things You Aren’t Using for an Eco Friendly House

Do you leave the television and computer running even when you aren’t using them? Do you leave lights on in rooms no-one is in? Did you know that a baby unicorn sheds a tear every time you do this?

It is surprisingly easy to turn off lights and electrical equipment when you don’t need them. You just need to, err, turn them off. Give it a try next time.

This will save you a few coins over the year and will be one further step towards having a greener home. Give it a try and see how good it feels. This fun YouTube videos talks about the importance of not using standby.

Look at Green Homes for Sale

Are you thinking of buying a house anytime soon? If you are then it is bound to a stressful, horrible and terribly frustrating experience. Still, let’s look on the bright side.

There’s a bright side to buying a house? Well, you could look at green homes for sale. In this way, you could just walk straight into an eco friendly house.

Look out for things like double glazed windows, eco friendly materials, good insulation and solar panels. These are all great signs that you can live a greener life in your new home.

If you are feeling really adventurous you could even live in a cave home or one with a living roof. Have a look at how green this home is.

Green Home Solutions – Turn Down your Heating

Ok, so you aren’t planning on buying a home and you don’t want to live in a cave. That is perfectly understandable but how will you get some fresh eco friendly ideas into your home?

For example, you could turn down your heating. Many people set their home’s heating a few degrees higher than it needs to be. This is great if you plan on growing oranges in the bathroom, eating your breakfast in your swimwear or taking shirtless selfies all day long.

However, just lower it slightly and you can still live comfortably without using too much energy. This next video shows how to turn down your water heater.

Eco Friendly House Tips- Use Natural Ventilation

Ok, so what about the opposite situation, when the weather is hot and you to want to cool down?

Do you bathe in ice cream, sit with your feet in buckets of ice or put on the air conditioning? There is an easier way then all of these things, you know.

Just open the windows and doors to get some natural ventilation flowing through the house. This is also the simplest and most refreshing way to stay cool, although you might want to give bathing in ice cream a try at some point as well. The final video shows us the benefits of natural ventilation.

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