Could You Spot the Signs of an Affair in Your Partner’s Behaviour?

Spot your partner cheating
It is easy to think that only other people’s partners cheat on them. However, could you spot the signs of an affair in your own partner?

Clearly you don’t want to discover that your partner is having an affair but neither do you want the situation to drag on if you are starting to have doubts. So what should you look out for?

What Is A Healthy Relationship? They Are More Distant and Colder Towards You

If you have been with your partner for a while then you should know by now what is a healthy relationship and what isn’t.

One of the very first signs of an affair is when someone gets a lot colder and more distant with their partner.

This could happen in a number of ways. For example, they might not hug you as much, might not tell you that they love you or might even appear to be avoiding you.

All of these are signs that other people mention when saying things like “my husband cheated on me” or “I don’t know why I never noticed her affair earlier”.

Pay attention to how they treat you and your gut instinct should tell you if they are being colder and more distant for a reason.

Signs of an Affair – Pays More Attention to Their Appearance

It is normal to get into a comfort zone in a relationship. This means that in some way we often pay less attention to how we look and dress.

What happens though when your partner starting bringing expensive designer clothes and fragrances?

If they also begin to spend unreasonably large periods of time in front of the mirror then you could have a problem.

It is natural that someone should spend more time and care on their appearance when they have a new partner.

If this is a sign that you have noted then it could be time to seek our relationship advice for men and women whose relationships are in trouble.

Signs of an Affair – Your Partner Is More Irritable with You

There are a number of reasons why your partner might be more irritable with you, and few of them have to do with you being more annoying than you were before.

Love cheats can become irritable because they feel guilty or because they are under pressure to be in two places at one time.

They might also use this as a way of provoking fights in order to storm out of the house and head off to a secret rendezvous.

My Husband Cheated On Me and Now Acts Guilty

Few people can handle the feelings of guilt of having an affair. This means that acting guilty is one of the top signs of an affair.

This could lead to them bringing home unexpected gifts more than before or helping out more around the house.

It could be that there are making an effort to put the spark into what is a healthy relationship that has gone a bit stale.

However, there is a definite possibility that someone who has suddenly become more generous is doing so because they are feeling terribly guilty.

Relationship Problems – Unexplained Disappearances or Phone Turned Off

Is it suddenly a lot more difficult to know where your partner is or to contact them?

If my husband cheated on me or my wife was having an affair I would expect them to start to disappear at times without explanations.

It could that they claim to be working longer hours at work or doing something else but this is potentially a clear sign that the couple needs relationship advice for men or women who are being cheated on.


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