Some Smart Ways to Lessen the Impact of Divorce on Children

There is no getting away from the fact that having divorced parents is now a way of life for many children. There are different opinions on how divorce affects children and how to lessen the impact for them. It seems clear that starting off with some sensible moves is the best way look after the…

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How to Start a New Life as a Single Lady After Divorce

Every year many women across the world have to come to terms with starting a new life again after divorce. While this is a big challenge it also opens up a world of possibilities for a lady who wants to live life to the full again. Whether you like it or not, ending an unhappy…

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Could You Spot the Signs of an Affair in Your Partner’s Behaviour?

It is easy to think that only other people’s partners cheat on them. However, could you spot the signs of an affair in your own partner? Clearly you don’t want to discover that your partner is having an affair but neither do you want the situation to drag on if you are starting to have…

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