Can you cure acne at home?

If you have ever been a teen you know how awkward acne can be. Nobody wants to pay heaps of cash on acne breakout items that may or may not work. You might be pleased to hear that there are a lot of household products that you can use as acne therapy options.

Lets look at some of the more popular methods to use things you probably already have lying around your home to get rid of acne breakouts.

Home based remedies for pimples

Cooking oatmeal and putting it on your face is a popular method of treating acne breakouts and oatmeal is extremely cheap. Another way is to use garlic cloves to rub on your acne a couple of times throughout the day.

There are said to be many things you can eat to heal acne breakouts as well. You could try drinking water with honey and lemon. Likewise eating carrots or cucumber have actually been known to minimize acne breakouts in a lot of individuals.

The list goes on and on, and some of them work while others are simply wives tales. You really won’t find out exactly what will work for you until you attempt it. Of course you should never ever try anything that sounds like it could be harmful to you.

Acne products

Another great concept is to look at what components are in the leading acne therapy items and then looking for those exact same ingredients around your home to utilize rather of buying their pricey acne medication.

Remember that many of the commercial products are made to get rid of acne breakouts quickly (which is great), however they may not deal with the underlying trouble, because if they did that you wouldn’t purchase their products anymore!



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