12 Tips To Successfully Start A Small Business

Small Business Tips

Tired of taking orders from the boss? Are you ready to take the plunge to become an entrepreneur by opening up your own small business?

Check out this video outlining twelve useful tips to making a success of your start up.

Let me say that this is probably one of the worst voice over videos I have seen in a long, long time – wait until you hear Mr Nice Guy being replaced by Darth Vader and then making a reappearance. It is hilarious.

However, the points made by these two characters are pretty useful. Have a look under the video for my dot point summary.

My summary of the key messages in the video are as follows:


  • Develop a clear vision for your business
  • Hire the best people and manage them well
  • Keep your focus
  • Innovate, don’t duplicate
  • Keep realistic expectations
  • Understand the market and your competition
  • Run your business as lean as possible
  • Get the right partners
  • Develop a culture of success
  • Conduct regular business and market reviews
  • Learn, and keep on learning
  • Prepare for constant change in your business life


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